Glock Shooting Sports Foundation’s Challenge

Bridgeville IDPA is proud to announce that we will be hosting the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation's Challenge on March 20-22, right here in Bridgeville. Below is the link to GSSF's flier with information for joining GSSF and for registering for the match. PLEASE NOTE: all registration is online and NOT through Bridgeville IDPA.  


The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is the governing body of a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters. It was founded in 1996 as a response to the desires of shooters worldwide. The organization now boasts membership of more than 25,000, including members in 70 foreign countries. IDPA offers an exciting forum for practical shooters in which truly practical equipment, techniques and courses of fire are mandated. If you’re interested in using truly practical pistols to solve challenging and exciting defensive shooting problems, then IDPA is the sport for you. Learn more about what makes IDPA great, from the practical skills training rules, the variety of matches, the wide range of competitors and the ever growing community. New Shooter's are always Welcome. Please read the IDPA…

Pistol Caliber Carbine Outlaw Match

Pistol Caliber Carbine Match Bridgeville is looking to host its first outlaw pistol caliber carbine match on Saturday, December 14, 2019. On-Site Registration (if slots still available) and Check-In: 8:15 am - 8:45 am, or pre-register online through Practiscore (recommended). Register @ Orientation and Safety Briefing: 8:45 am - 9:00 am Hammer Down: 9:00 am Slots Available: 45 (5 Squads, 9 Shooters), so early registration is recommended. Stages: 6 Round Count: approx 120 - 150 Match Fee: $15.00 (pay by credit card or personal check when you register) *What's an "Outlaw Match?" This match is NOT sanctioned by IDPA or USPSA. It's just designed to be straight-up fun for a worthy cause. See Basic Rules below. Who gets the proceeds? A portion of the match fee will go to…

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