2018 High Power Rifle Match Results

The Club began using the HEXTA targets back in June of 2017. The results from all matches can be found here (HEXTA). By using the calendar you can click on any of the highlighted dates and view the match results for that day. You can also view individual scores by clicking on the name. If you participated in a match since June of 2017, you can see all your scores, download, annotate and print them by logging into the database, login. If you need a password let us know. There is a great deal of information that you use.

November 10th and 11th, Delaware State Long Range Championship HEXTA Results

October 28th, 1000 yard match HEXTA Results

October 13th, XTC and October 14th, 3 x 600 Midrange

September 29th and 30th, Long Range Match HEXTA Results

August 25th and 26th, Delaware State Fullbore Championship

August 11, XTC and August 12, 3 x 600 yards

July 28 – 29, Delaware State Fullbore Regional

June 23 – 24, Cabela’s Mid-Atlantic Long Range Regional HEXTA Results

June 9th, 800 Aggregate, June 10th, 3 X 600 yard Mid-Range

Delaware Mid-Range State Championship, May 26th and 27th HEXTA Results

May 12th, 800 Aggregate, HEXTA Results

May 5th, 3 x 600 yard and May 6th, 3 x 1000 yard (Both matches conducted simultaneously with Reade and Bar 3. HEXTA results here

April 28th and 29th 1000 yard matches

April 14th, 800 Aggregate  April 15th, 3 x 600 yards

HEXTA  Online Results: April 14th, 800 Aggregate  April 15th, 3 x 600 yards